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Those Annual Social Security Statements Still Aren't Online, as Commissioner Michael Astrue Promised
By Brent Hunsberger January 13, 2012 The Oregonian
Those Social Security statements you once got each year in the mail? They were supposed to be available online by now. They aren't, and it's not clear when they'll be there or whether they'll be mailed instead, as promised.

Social Security Statements Remain Unavailable
By Philip Moeller July 13, 2011 U.S. News
The Social Security Administration's decision to end paper statements summarizing people's Social Security benefits has been criticized by the government's chief watchdog agency. Consumers badly need more information about the program, not less, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded.

Cardin Calls on Social Security to Continue Providing Americans with Yearly Earning Statements 
By Senator Ben Cardin June 13, 2011 Press Release

No More SS Statements

By Cheryl Russell April 19, 2011 Demo Memo
In a study of Social Security Statements, researchers at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College analyzed whether receiving a Social Security Statement boosted knowledge of future benefits. It does. Before Statements were introduced in 1995, workers had to apply online for information about their benefits and wait a month or more for an answer. Those who went through this time consuming process were much more knowledgeable about their benefits than those who did not.

SSA suspends earnings statements in cost-cutting measure
April 12, 2011 Wolters Kluwer
The SSA's decision to suspend the provision of these statements was made with little fanfare or notice. Visitors to the agency's website only learn about the suspension when they click on a link to "Request a Social Security Statement" that is buried under a link to estimate retirement benefits. After requesting the earnings statement, a window appears that states, "In light of the current budget situation, we have suspended the Request a Social Security Statement service. You may be able to estimate your retirement benefit using our online Retirement Estimator." However, the online Retirement Estimator requires an individual to know how much he or she earned in "covered" employment during the prior year. Moreover, the estimator does not show the amount of income that has actually been credited to a worker's account and the number of credits that have been earned.

Social Security Stops Mailing Earning Statements

April 8, 2011 Associated Press
The SSA will no longer send out paper statements, but will instead make the statements available exclusively on the agency's website.  Cutting out paper statements will save the agency $70 million annually, which helps tremendously with the potential $350 million in cuts the agency is facing. Despite the potential benefits, many are concerned with the possible confusion that these changes could inflict on social security recipients. "As far as the information being available online, that's not going to help a lot of people we work with," notes Max Richtman, executive vice president of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. "This was a concrete piece of paper, a document that workers would receive that would give them confidence in the program, Otherwise, they hear a lot of the debate in Washington. It's going to be there; it's not going to be there." The SSA has introduced ad campaigns promoting direct deposit in hopes of boosting the public perception of this change.

Social Security Stops Mailing Annual Benefits Statements

By Jim Wang Bargaineering
The SSA will no longer send out statements via the mail, they will instead begin sending out electronic versions only beginning on

SS Statements going online
By Ann Brenoff April 8, 2011 Wallet Pop
Every year, Social Security snail-mails 150 million workers a statement estimating what their payments would be if they retired at age 62, 66 or 70. The idea of distributing the information online exclusively didn't sit well with some who advocate for older Americans. Yahoo quoted Max Richtman, executive vice president of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare saying, "As far as the information being available online, that's not going to help a lot of people we work with."

SS Statements online, not mailed
April 8, 2011 Dispatch Politics
Advocates for older Americans say they understand the agency's budget problems, but several advocates said an online option is insufficient, especially for people who might not have computer skills or access to computers. Since the 1980s, Social Security statements have been mailed each year to workers older than 25. They include a history of taxable earnings for each year - so people can check for mistakes - as well as the total amount of Social Security and Medicare taxes paid over the worker's lifetime. "You can go online, and you can get a very accurate estimate of your likely retirement benefits," Astrue said. The website, however, does not provide the detailed earnings and payroll tax history that workers had been receiving in the mail each year.

Social Security Stopped Mailed Earning Statements
By Stephen Ohlemacher April 7 ABC News

SSA Suspends Annual Statements

By Emily Brandon April 4, 2011 US News
Statements were previously sent out about three months before your birthday, so workers born in July or later won't get a paper statement this year. SSA plans to eventually resume mailing statements to people age 60 and over. The agency is working on an online option for younger workers to download their statements.

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